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""Innerstanding the Power of Building a Divine Business"

Creating a Divine Business by Deborah Ann Langford



Music in the Course created by Katy Samwell

COURSE Testimonial

With❤️from client / student

"This course is truly miraculous." From the moment I began, I felt a profound shift. Deborah vibrates at such a high frequency that I immediately transformed from a doubtful to a trusting frame of mind. Her teachings reached deeply within me and helped me open up and rediscover my gifts, talents, and my soul's calling. 

Deborah covers every single aspect an entrepreneur encounters on their journey. She beautifully intertwines spiritual insights and practical business strategies that resonate with a higher purpose. 

The provided PDFs were not just informative, beautiful, and inspiring; they were magical. I highly recommend printing every page. They helped me organize my thoughts, write my story with surprising ease, and ignited many new creative ideas.

Each lesson felt like an awakening, dissolving my fears and filling me with hope and confidence. The course clarified my business vision and ignited my power, motivating me to take action and get my creative project off the ground. I am forever grateful!

Sylwia Grabowska


Sylwia and Zorian, Creators of Divine Friends.


Client Testimonials

With❤️from clients

"I just love Deborah. She radiates warmth and profound wisdom. Her wonderful sense of humour means that our meetings are infused with sprinkles of laughter. Her unwavering persistence and dedication to the success of my growing business is sincere. Deborah's thoughtful reminders and attentive check-ins have been invaluable, helping me to maintain my focus. Drawing upon her intuitive brilliance, Deborah offers strategic insights that have become pure gold for progressing my business. Her ingenious suggestions for my optimal next steps resonate deeply, providing me with the guidance I need to advance confidently. In essence, Deborah's presence is nothing short of a divine blessing, steering me through my business journey of creating soul-enriching books and educational resources, aimed at empowering and enlightening young minds.”

Kate Searle

Soul Treasures


In My Own Words Deborah

I was going to list my achievements over the years, and in terms of business success, there have been a few, but then decided that they were not important. I was led by Divine Mother, Father, GOD, my I AM Presence, the Ascended Masters and the ArchAngelic realm to build this website, and offer service to the healer/lightworker community, and in doing so I trusted that the flow of clients would be supplied by the Divine..... and so it is...


Belinda Womack School of Spiritual Evolution

Deborah is the Co-founder, Designer, Tech Wizard, and Marketing Director for the Belinda Womack School of Spiritual Evolution (SSE)

Deborah Langford is a clear intuitive who also happens to create businesses, both “on the ground” and online. She has owned several highly successful and diverse companies, along with setting up some life-saving charities. After a traumatic life event which required incredible faith and courage, Deborah began her profound spiritual journey which ultimately led her to an interview on Gaia’s Open Minds with Belinda Womack and Regina Meredith.

She recognized this “Angel lady” from a place within that was both ancient and new and her intuition told her to enroll in the GP (Accelerated Discovery/ Ascension Teachings Year 1).

Deborah has added WEBINAR #111 to the Belinda Womack and the 12 Archangels Accelerated Discovery Program so the student has now become a teacher! Her course is to support all Golden Passport Advanced Training students with creating a spiritual/Heart based business. Deborah also attends the monthly mentoring groups for the advanced training to offer her insight and encouragement as students awaken to their Soul’s calling and move forward into putting this calling into action.

Client Testimonials

With❤️from Belinda Womack

Yes, Deborah is a genius when it comes to building a business, social media structure, and technology, but what matters most to me is her HEART. She is kind, patient, and persistent and her integrity is stellar. She knows how to hold the hand of a sensitive being who is terrified of stepping out into the unknown world of brand expansion. She works like an Angel, fearlessly changing what must be changed while following her gut intuition each and every step. "

I am infinitely grateful for her expertise in building the School of Spiritual Evolution so that the teachings of the 12 Archangels are accessible to their students. Miracle worker, relentless, stubborn, and extremely generous is the best way for me to describe Deborah Langford!

Belinda J Womack,


Belinda Womack  Deborah Ann Langford website

"Innerstanding I AM Deborah and the Power I AM, allowed me to

Spread My Spiritual Wings and Fly"