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Discover Magical ways to build your pipeline to abundance | Business Messenger for Lightworker, Healers and Mystics | Deborah Ann Langford

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Innerstanding the Power of Building a Divine Business

Creating a Divine Business

Deborah Ann Langford Building a Divine Flow  Course

Find Your Spiritual Wings and Fly

  •  Sessions are always completely confidential. No part of any treatment will be disclosed unless permission is granted.

  •  Please set an intention before your session and make certain you are hydrated. 

  •  Deborah's aim is to shift the issues that are keeping you from success and explain how to build you business. It is wise not to dwell on what has gone wrong, but rather on what you would like to achieve.

  •  The mind doesn't know the difference between what's real and what is imagined. It is important that you get a clear picture of your business or the life you want, and get as detailed as you can. 

  • Client Testimonials

    With❤️from clients

    "I just love Deborah. She radiates warmth and profound wisdom. Her wonderful sense of humour means that our meetings are infused with sprinkles of laughter. Her unwavering persistence and dedication to the success of my growing business is sincere. Deborah's thoughtful reminders and attentive check-ins have been invaluable, helping me to maintain my focus. Drawing upon her intuitive brilliance, Deborah offers strategic insights that have become pure gold for progressing my business. Her ingenious suggestions for my optimal next steps resonate deeply, providing me with the guidance I need to advance confidently. In essence, Deborah's presence is nothing short of a divine blessing, steering me through my business journey of creating soul-enriching books and educational resources, aimed at empowering and enlightening young minds.”

    Kate Searle

    Soul Treasures


    Client Testimonials

    With❤️from clients

    "Deborah Langford is a Godsent. She combines her powerful heart energy, her accurate intuition and her extensive knowledge and experience of marketing that manifests as pure genius. 

    I needed help with marketing for my animal communication business and my team of helpers in heaven pointed me in her direction. I felt an instant connection with Deborah's kind and loving heart and a feeling that she understood what I was here to do and how she could help me. 

    Her clairvoyant "movie reels" gave amazing clarity to help me see where I am headed, my gifts, and illuminated a plan on how to get there. 

    She delivered a multitude of practical and understandable steps to take to help me and my services/brand to be "seen." Deborah is a real, clear channel and a gift to all who need her assistance. 

    Thank you, Deborah! I am so grateful!

    Kathy Van Guilder


    Author of, "For the Love of Animals, the untold thoughts of our pets"

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