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"Discover Magical Ways to Build Your Pipeline to Abundance"


Deborah is not giving financial advice

Deborah talks about how beliefs can affect your state of abundance or lack of it but doesn't claim to be a financial expert and nothing she says should be taken as financial advice. Any action taken following any consultation is entirely at the client's risk.

Deborah is not giving remote healings

Deborah is Divinely Guided and has been given permission to pass this guidance on. This does not mean Deborah is 'healing' or 'fixing' you. She gives the best advice she can, what you do with that advice is entirely your responsibility and Deborah accepts no liability for any result of action taken by you.

Deborah is not giving medical advice

Although many illnesses have some psychological component, Deborah is not suggesting that by adopting any belief over another you will gain any specific medical benefit. There are many books that cover this topic. Deborah is merely pointing out the impact beliefs have on health.

For education purposes only

If you gain some insight from a consultation or series of consultations and it completely changes your life for the better, Deborah would be grateful for an acknowledgement and politely requests to use your experience for a testimonial. She maintains however that the change comes from within you and she has merely 'educated' you on how to access your power and Divine Resources.

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