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"Discover Magical Ways to Build Your Pipeline to Abundance"

Meet Deborah 🤍

Deborah's journey is a radiant testament to transformation, wisdom, and divine alignment. Starting her first business at the tender age of 20, she quickly discovered the magnetic pull of success. Money flowed effortlessly, but so did the lessons. Her early years were marked by a lack of boundaries and respect around money, reflecting an inner child seeking love and attention. But within Deborah lay a wise old healer waiting to awaken. Through years in ministry and a profound relationship with Lord Yeshua / Jesus, Deborah's path began to unfold. Many businesses came and went, each a golden opportunity yet a lesson in character and self-discovery. The pattern of making and losing—or often giving away—money was not a failure but a building block, shaping the skills that would later empower others. The turning point came when Deborah recognised that businesses built not on ego but on the understanding that her divine power was the key to true success. Guided to assist others in healing and building foundations that allow the flow of Divine Resources, she embarked on a journey of self-love and spiritual mastery. A few years ago, Lord Yeshua introduced Deborah to the Archangelic Realm and the Ascended Masters, igniting her journey of remembering. This ongoing process taught her to embrace her inner child, heal old wounds, and step into her divine plan and purpose. Today,

Deborah is more than a successful entrepreneur; she is a beacon of love, light, and gratitude. With assistance from the Ascended masters and the Angelic Realm, she has moved through the process of Remembering Self and Stepping into her Divine Power. Her mission is to assist healers and mystics in understanding their Divine Power and ethical business practices, helping them live an abundant life from their healing gifts. If you are on this website, know it's not a mistake. You are here for a reason at this very moment. Deborah's wisdom, business acumen, and spiritual mastery are here to guide you, unlocking the energy of money and the exchange that taps into Divine Resources. Together with Deborah, you'll identify the skills gained from your life's journey that can assist in building a pipeline to a magical business. You are awakening to your Divine Plan and Purpose, and Deborah is here to assist Healers, Mystics, and Lightworkers in establishing thriving companies that best serve that plan. Welcome to this extraordinary journey with much love, light, and gratitude. Deborah is here, ready to guide you every step of the way. 🤍

Be guided to find new ways to build your business

Why Work With Deborah?

I was going to list a whole lot of reasons, listing my achievements over the years, and there have been a few, but then decided that they were not important. I was lead by Divine Mother, Father, GOD, my I AM Presence, the Ascended Masters and the ArchAngelic realm to build this website, and in doing so I trusted that the flow of clients would be supplied by the Divine..... and so it is.

Discover Magical ways to build your pipeline to abundance | Business Messenger for Lightworker, Healers and Mystics | Deborah Ann Langford

Client Testimonials

With❤️from clients

"Deborah Langford is a Godsent. She combines her powerful heart energy, her accurate intuition and her extensive knowledge and experience of marketing that manifests as pure genius. 

I needed help with marketing for my animal communication business and my team of helpers in heaven pointed me in her direction. I felt an instant connection with Deborah's kind and loving heart and a feeling that she understood what I was here to do and how she could help me. 

Her clairvoyant "movie reels" gave amazing clarity to help me see where I am headed, my gifts, and illuminated a plan on how to get there. 

She delivered a multitude of practical and understandable steps to take to help me and my services/brand to be "seen." Deborah is a real, clear channel and a gift to all who need her assistance. 

Thank you, Deborah! I am so grateful!

Kathy Van Guilder


Author of, "For the Love of Animals, the untold thoughts of our pets"

Kathy Van Guilder Deborah Ann Langford website

Client Testimonials

With❤️from clients

I had the privilege of working with Deborah Langford, and she's truly remarkable. Deborah's powerful and creative mind helped shape the perfect structure and strategy for my Power Retrieval business. Her intuition is spot on, she guided me with precision, not only for my business direction but also in enhancing my website. Her no-nonsense advice and radiant presence are a blessing. Deborah is an Earth Angel in business consulting and web design. I'm immensely grateful for her wisdom and guidance, which have been transformative.

Thank you, Deborah for all the Love and Support!

 Mary Armendarez 

Spiritual Illuminator 

Heal Grow Thrive 


Mary Armendarez Deborah Ann Langford website

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