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"Discover Magical Ways to Build Your Pipeline to Abundance"

Building A Pipeline to a Magical Business For Healers, Mystics and Lightworkers

How would you like an ethical, complete turnkey business solution that gives you everything you need to launch or grow your business online, while teaching you how to do ALL the things required of a modern internet friendly business in one seamless solution? That's right: Website, Social Media presence, Email campaigns, Shop - all designed and ready to run!

DI Business In A Box will do the following for your business.

• Branding (logo, linking, strapline, aligned values)

• Website (including hosting, graphics, copy and landing pages)

• Email autoresponder (set up you first email campaigns)

• Social Media Campaigns (you choose which ones)

• A shop full of merchandise (you choose the products)

• A course on how to keep up all the marketing campaigns to continue to hold and expand your market share

• Business Coaching to teach you how to turn your front room dream into a real thriving business

• Ongoing support

Discover Magical ways to build your pipeline to abundance | Business Messenger for Lightworker, Healers and Mystics | Deborah Ann Langford

Let's get to know each other...

Deborah and Ioannis have had many successful businesses, from proper global reach companies to small local therapy businesses. They know the difficulties starting proper, real-world businesses as well as sole-trader therapy/healing businesses. They are also spiritual lightworkers/boddhisatvas, who only want to work with people who have been called to hold the light for others.They have been guided into this role and have answered the call to help spiritual, mystical, healing and lightworker businesses to expand the light in the world. From one Zoom consultation we will establish your brand values, your choice of products (should you opt for a shop), the look and feel of your social media or Google campaigns, your livery, your email frequency, your Facebook page, your Youtube channel and so on. Following that, your full, working therapy/healing business should be delivered in around two weeks!

You will have to do some work! They want you empowered (and know that you want this as well) and not dependent on them. They want to set up a great business for you, with all the online bells & whistles and then teach you how to run it all yourself - to be in full control. By only spending 1-2 hours a day you should be able to manage all your campaigns, and core business development - without any worry, fear or procrastination. Go you

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    We are made in the image of God and God is abundant. What keeps us from accessing that abundance is often the story we keep telling ourselves about why we can't. 

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